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Finnish saunas in the heart of  Dejvice

STAYING in our saunas  Adventyn

We are small and cosy saunas studio in the heart of Prague 6 - Dejvice, front of Dejvice railway station , Bachmačské square 8.  Come to relax in our two finnish sauna , small one for amaximum 8 people and big one for 20 people. You can also spend your time in our Privat  wellness with small sauna for two people and aroma bath ...

90 minutes for 325 CZK

Openning hours 
Mo-Su 17-22.00 
Privat wellness
Mo-Su  13-22.00
after pevious call

towel and sheet included

Privat wellness reservation

Come to spend relax time in our Privat wellness consist of small sauna for two people and aroma bath. Enjoy relax music, beautiful privat palce in our spa.

Reservation of Privat wellness is possible every day  from 13.00 till 22.00 by phone  725 600 852 or online on this sites


We prepare present voucher for you and your friends. If you will buy our voucher form 1000 to 3000 CZK , you can change it for time in sounas, Privat wellness and also for your spendings in our spa bar. We also have loyalty program. You can buy card name Saunovacka for 10 or 20 entries or 1 month entry without limits. Click to order button ....


Enjoy your friends with our voucher

When you will want to pick up the voucher in our sauna , call before  725 600 852

Big sauna


temperature 90-100 degrees . at maximum 20 people , nice interior , perfect relax

Small sauna

temperature 80-90 degrees . at maximum 8 people , nice interior , perfect relax, beautifull aroma


Cooling pool

Cool water help you relax and be hardy


Privat wellness


Reservation by phone tel : 725 600 852 or online 

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